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point loma yacht club






Point Loma Yacht Club 


Article 1

a) The membership quota of this Club shall be set annually by the Board of Directors at the February meeting.

b) Application for Regular and Junior membership in the Club is based on sponsorship. Applicants must be personally known by their sponsor, who shall be a Regular Member in good standing at the time of submittal. If applying for Regular Membership the initiation fee and prorated annual dues shall be included in the application and the application shall be complete and legible.

The Membership Committee shall determine if the application meets all requirements. If the application is approved by the Committee, they shall the submit the application to the Board at the next scheduled Board meeting for a vote to accept the new member, request additional information from the Membership Committee, or reject the application.

c) Applicants which are rejected by a vote by the Board may not reapply within twelve months of the Board's action. Applicants who were rejected by the Membership Committee may revise their application for further consideration by the Committee.

Article 2

a) Regular Member’s annual dues shall be set by the Board of Directors, and if not paid on or before the first Board meeting in March, a penalty may be assessed.

b) Regular Members may be ejected for dues in arrears by vote of the Board of Directors, after serving the member thirty days’ notice by mail or return receipt email or other means, when such delinquency is over three months duration.  Ejected members shall not be reinstated until all arrearage has been paid in full, or as determined by the Board of Directors.

Article 3

Notice of General Membership and called meetings shall be sent to all members either by inclusion in the Club Roster book, mail, or email at least seven days prior to the meeting.

Article 4

A yacht owned wholly or in part by a member of the Club may be registered in the Club Fleet records by serving notice to the Secretary. A yacht must be registered to exercise the privileges of Fleet membership. Registered yachts owned by Inactive Members retain the right to exercise the privileges of Fleet membership.

Article 5

Regular Members who are in arrears in their dues shall not be entitled to the use of Club facilities, voting rights, participation in Club sailing events unless flying a different Club Flag, and other benefits of membership.

Article 6

These Bylaws may be amended by the unanimous vote of the Club Officers at a Board Meeting, or by petition by any Regular Member who may submit an amendment for a vote by the Regular Members at the next General Meeting. A quorum shall be present and the amendment shall pass by a two thirds majority. Mail, email and proxy ballots shall be accepted.



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