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PLYC Board Losers & Quitters

"Those that thought it would be easy"

By: PLYC Bridge
PLYC Board Losers & Quitters
1. 2015 Heather Rider (Director) Brian
2. 2015 John Neff (Rear Commodore) Kristan
3. 2015 Brian Wilkins (Director) Janet
4. 2016 Shelly Griffin (Director) Steve
5. 2016 Bob Kearns (Treasurer) passed Shelly P
6. 2016 Sean Sims (Vice Commodore) Ed
7. 2016 Steven Blanden (Director) Justin
8. 2017 Janet Dickinson (Vice Commodore)
9. 2017 Shelley Griffin (Secretary) Jaimie
10. 2017 Justin Thomas (Director) Tim
11. 2017 Mark Wyatt (Director)
12. 2017 Richard Burger (Director)


Woodys Whale Watching
Woodys Whale Sail

2018 opening day
 PLYC Opening Day

2018 Bob Kearns Race
 Bob Kearns Race

2018 Memorial Day Raft Up
 Memorial Day Raft

2018 Jimmy Rogers Race
J. Rogers Mem Race

PLYC july 4 raft up
Landlubbers Party

2018 Crew of Two Race
Crew of Two Race

2018 Charity Bay Race
Charity Bay Race

2018 Labor Day Raft Up
Labor Day Raft

2018 IOBG Race

Extreme Sailing Series 2018
Xtreme Sailing Series

2018 Commodores Ball
Commodores Ball

2018 Parade of Lights
Holiday Party
Parade of Lights